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The American Society of Home Inspectors recommends that you budget 1-3% annually of your home value for home maintenance and long term repair!

Like a car, your home requires continual maintenance to stay in top-notch condition.  Unlike a car, however, your home does not come with a service manual.  Welcome Total Home Pros!  
Total Home Pros has been operating in the Dayton and surrounding areas since 2011.  We are the first of its kind to produce an overall home inspection service and maintenance program.   With over 30 years of construction, remodeling, design, and repair experience, we have encompassed all areas of home preservation in a comprehensive inspection and maintenance program that allows you peace of mind that your home is being maintained to the highest standards.  
Our team is eager to help you protect your largest investment!  Total Home Pros offers complete home inspections, preventative maintenance plans, and repair/update services for every budget.  
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